How to Breed Canaries

It’s not hard to fall in love with keeping canaries as a pet! These beautiful little birds are smart, filled with personality, and are more than happy to spend time all on their own or with their “human family” – chirping away and.

Canary Guides

How To Feed A Canary

Feed Your Canary the Right Way Canaries eat a diet of 75-80% pellets and 20-25% fruits and vegetables. You should not feed your canary a diet entirely...

What Are the Breeds of Canaries

Need some information about canaries? We go over a few of the more popular breeds of canaries and see how they differ from each other. Most people who...

What are the Most Common Diseases in Canaries

Did you know canaries can develop tremors just like humans? Read on to find out more about the most common canary diseases. Songbirds such as canaries...

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